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If you or a loved one have received a Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Replacement or Stryker ABG II Hip Replacement and are experiencing problems, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Call today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 for a free no obligation consultation or use our online contact form below and a Texas Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you quickly.  The call is free and there are no up-front legal charges.  We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you get paid.  Call now.

Hip Recall Lawyers Texas

Stryker Orthopaedics has warned that use of these medical devices may lead to corrosion and fretting.  Some patients may experience Metallosis (metal poisoning) and require corrective surgery and hospitalization.  A simple test can be administered to determine whether or not you have elevated metal levels in your blood.

Some complications to watch for include:

  • Fractured or broken implants
  • Joint dislocation
  • Metallosis
  • Implant corrosion
  • Allergic responses
  • Swelling in hip or groin area
  • Sudden onset of pain

Please call us now to discuss your legal options.

We are also accepting cases involving:

  • DePuy ASR
  • DePuy Pinnacle
  • Wright Conserve Hip Cup
  • Wright Conserve Plus
  • Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant
  • Smith & Nephew R3 Acetabular System
  • Wright Profemur Z Hip Replacement

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Hip Replacement Lawsuit Fort Worth TX.


Alternatives to Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Surgery

If you’ve been told you may need hip replacement surgery, you may be scrambling to investigate alternatives to a hip replacement. The following are options that may help you avoid a hip replacement.

First Line of Action: Medication

You will probably want to try over the counter NSAIDs (such as aspirin, Aleve or Ibuprofen) first to see if this relieves your pain and swelling. If NSAIDs don’t work, talk to your doctor about a more potent analgesic such as acetaminophen plus a narcotic.

Second Line of Action: Steroid Injections

If your inflammation is severe or you have rheumatoid arthritis, your doctor may decide injections of prednisone or cortisone will do the trick. In some cases, your doctor will add a lubricant into the material being injected into your hip joint, which will help lessen any painful grinding of bone against bone in the hip socket.

Steroid injections will usually bring down inflammation, but they can have unpleasant side effects.

Talk to your doctor if you find yourself overeating or gaining weight after the shot, or if you find yourself getting sick more often. Steroid injections affect your body’s natural hormone production, and they can sometimes hurt your body more than they are helping, so you need to watch carefully while taking them and go off them slowly, so your body can adjust accordingly.

Third Line of Action: Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure your doctor will perform to investigate exactly what is causing your hip pain. Your doctor will use a microscopic camera to guide him or her as your doctor
•    Trims cartilage that is bruised or damaged beyond repair
•    Performs a debridement (extraction of any excess pieces of cartilage or bone)
•    Performs a lavage (irrigation of the hip socket with a lubricant)

In some cases an arthoscopy can reduce pain enough to avert needing a hip replacement. In any case, this procedure helps the doctor figure out what the problem is so he or she can determine what the best next action will be.

Fourth Line of Action: Osteotomy

If the problem appears to be related to diseased tissue (but healthy tissue is still present in areas), your doctor may opt to perform an osteotomy, which is a procedure that resurfaces the bone so the joint fits together slightly differently. The doctor will resurface the bones by shaving or cutting the bone such that the ball will fit into the socket in a way that does not stress diseased tissue. The healthy cartilage and tissues then take the strain off the tissues that need to heal. This can relieve pain and allow the weaker tissues to heal.

If Nothing Else Works: Getting a Hip Replacement

If none of these aforementioned strategies works, you may need to look into a total hip replacement. You may have to decide between a ceramic, polyethylene or metal on metal hip replacement implant (or even prosthetic hip joint made from a combination of materials.)  Talk to your doctor about the differences between the prosthetic hip joints and surgical procedures to make sure you choose the best option for your body.

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