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If you or a loved one have received a Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Replacement or Stryker ABG II Hip Replacement and are experiencing problems, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Call today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 for a free no obligation consultation or use our online contact form below and a Montgomery Alabam Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you quickly.  The call is free and there are no up-front legal charges.  We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you get paid.  Call now.

Hip Recall Lawyers Alabama

Stryker Orthopaedics has warned that use of these medical devices may lead to corrosion and fretting.  Some patients may experience Metallosis (metal poisoning) and require corrective surgery and hospitalization.  A simple test can be administered to determine whether or not you have elevated metal levels in your blood.

Some complications to watch for include:

  • Fractured or broken implants
  • Joint dislocation
  • Metallosis
  • Implant corrosion
  • Allergic responses
  • Swelling in hip or groin area
  • Sudden onset of pain

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Hip Replacement Lawsuit Montgomery Alabama

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Finding the Best Time for Total Hip Replacement Surgery
No two orthopedic surgeons would agree on when the right time is to have hip replacement surgery. The most common belief in the medical community is to wait as long as you can as new implant materials and surgical techniques continue to be improved and developed. However, there also is a concern that patients shouldn’t wait too long before getting the surgical procedure they need to maintain their quality of life.  Since the hip implant is an important weight-bearing device, it will experience wear and tear. As the two surfaces of the ball and socket system rub together, they become worn, shedding microscopic bits of debris. This debris can cause a reaction within the body, while also causing the implant to become loose. A loose implant can become painful, and at some point it will need to be replaced with a new implant during a revision surgery.

Wear tends to occur faster in the artificial hip joints placed in younger, more active patients. This is why surgeons often attempt to delay hip replacement surgery for younger patients by trying other non-surgical treatments first. It may help the younger patient avoid a revision surgery, which can be more complex and doesn’t have the success rates that first-time hip replacement surgeries do. The weight of a patient also plays a major role in whether a surgeon will recommend a specific time of life for hip replacement. Obese patients often wear out their hip implants faster than patients who have healthy weights. A study in Scotland found that obese patients were up to four times more likely to need a revision surgery than patients who are of a healthy weight. The extra weight becomes a burden on the artificial hip joint. Because of the nature of a person’s hip, for every one pound of body weight, four pounds of pressure is placed on that hip joint.

Many surgeons are finding, however, that a problem with delaying the surgery is that it causes a diminishing quality of life for the patient who has crippling, severe arthritis, such as osteoarthritis. When a patient spends years living with a severely arthritic hip, it not only wears away at the diseased hip, but it means increased pain and loss of mobility. This then leads to a loss of muscles and support within the leg that may cause additional complications when the patient is in recovery following hip replacement surgery. It also can lead to depression in patients who have found themselves unable to work, gaining weight due to immobility and in constant pain. In the end, the patient must decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks of an earlier hip replacement surgery. In order to make an informed decision about the surgery, a patient should discuss both the benefits and risks with his or her surgeon.

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