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If you or a loved one have received a Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Replacement or Stryker ABG II Hip Replacement and are experiencing problems, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Call today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 for a free no obligation consultation or use our online contact form below and a South Dakota Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you quickly.  The call is free and there are no up-front legal charges.  We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you get paid.  Call now.

Hip Recall Lawyer South Dakota

Stryker Orthopaedics has warned that use of these medical devices may lead to corrosion and fretting.  Some patients may experience Metallosis (metal poisoning) and require corrective surgery and hospitalization.  A simple test can be administered to determine whether or not you have elevated metal levels in your blood.

Some complications to watch for include:

  •     Fractured or broken implants
  •     Joint dislocation
  •     Metallosis
  •     Implant corrosion
  •     Allergic responses
  •     Swelling in hip or groin area
  •     Sudden onset of pain
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We are also accepting cases involving:

  • DePuy ASR
  • DePuy Pinnacle
  • Wright Conserve Hip Cup
  • Wright Conserve Plus
  • Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant
  • Smith & Nephew R3 Acetabular System
  • Wright Profemur Z Hip Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is femoroacetabular arthroscopy?

Advances in hip replacement surgery techniques have already decreased the recovery period that accompanies surgery, but new advances are developed every day. A procedure called a femoroacetabular arthroscopy is a new surgical approach for dealing with hip injuries that has been increasing in use and popularity in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of people receive hip implants every year, and experts in England believe that the new procedure could one day reduce the number of hip replacement surgeries every year by more than 50%. The surgery is rooted in a procedure that was extremely invasive, requiring a complete dislocation of the hip and lengthy recovery times, but has progressed to become a minimally invasive and extremely effective technique that can be used on more and more patients every year.

Hip replacement surgeries aren’t the answer to every hip related issue. In some instances, the problem is persistent or chronic, but not painful enough to warrant major invasive surgery. In other instances, younger individuals are struggling with hip problems. Hip replacements are often poor options for young patients, because the patient may need two or three additional surgeries in the future. Most hip replacements are supposed to last for 20 years, but they often need to be replaced in about 10 years. That number drops even lower when hip replacements are performed on younger patients. Rather than having two or three additional surgeries, there’s a new surgery gaining popularity.

In a femoroacetabular arthroscopy, the patient’s leg is secured with a clamp, which is used to move the femoral head out of its socket. The surgeon then makes several keyhole incisions in the hip. Through these openings, the surgeon threads a camera and miniature surgical tools. Your surgeon uses these miniature surgical tools to file down the portions of the bone that are abnormal, which allows smooth bone and cartilage to grow in the proper place. The surgeon will know exactly how much mobility you can expect after the surgery, as they test your leg’s range of motion. This surgery calls for such highly specialized knowledge and experience that it is confined to a handful of surgeons. Surgeons who can perform the surgery are highly optimistic about their ability to use this surgery to treat more and more patients in the future. Already successfully used to treat excruciating pain in many patients, this surgery is targeted at remedying abnormal femoral heads, which can cause pain and limited mobility.

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We are also investigating cases involving DePuy ASR Hip Replacements and DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacements